The aim of the cover used here was to replicate the description of the Necronomicon – bound in human flesh. The finish of the final book replicates this really well.
Originally, the figure was just a green gem, but my publisher sensibly recommended using Cthulhu on the cover; so I settled on replicating the Bas Relief which is central to part of the The Call of Cthulhu story.

The Things That Should Not Squee is my first full, published work.

I had the idea in May 2016 – throughout that year, I had been reading more Lovecraft stories, and sketching more creatures from the Mythos.

While on hold to an estate agent’s office, I sketched a cute version of Yog Sothoth. I started obsessively drawing cuter versions of monsters while on lunch breaks and in the evenings. Some of my friends suggested getting them published, or trying to crowdfund a book of them.

I looked through the Artist’s and Writer’s Yearbook for advice and eventually contacted Luna Press Publishing, whose parody books caught my eye and I thought my little drawings would fit in with. I expected rejection, as most authors and illustrators do, but was amazed when they took the time to look through, and told me that it had their office all laughing.

So, on 1st December 2016, they launched my little bestiary and I became a member of the Luna family!

I love the stories of Lovecraft, so tried to utilise slightly more obscure Mythos creatures; such as the Gugs from The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.

Obviously, including the most popular characters from the Cthulhu Mythos was important.

This is my “reference” page. The book is basically homage to the authors, who I replicated in Chibi-ish caricature form here.

More very basic sketches for the project; some of the jokes made it through unchanged, others are significantly different.

My first sketch for this project, 6 months or so before publishing, was a tiny Yog Sothoth drawn on a Caffe Nero serviette while on the phone with an estate agent.

The Things That Should Not Squee

My first little book – a cute Cthulhu Mythos picture book; published by Luna Press Publishing.

Published – 1st December 2016
Illustrated Book.