To emphasise the creative nature of the colouring book, my publisher and I went with a half-coloured version of one of the primary images from the book, hoping that people will want to complete it in their own way.

It also gave me a chance to flex my traditional art muscles using coloured pencils.

Some of the same creatures and characters were used as my previous book, The Things That Should Not Squee, 26 out of 30 of the images were new, and all were re-worked to ensure greater detail for colouring.

The book has varying levels of complexity in the backgrounds and creatures.

As a colouring book consumer myself, I feel overwhelmed when all pictures are uniformly complex patterns, and disappointed if they are all too simplistic, so I made a very conscious decision to have degrees of complexity for people like me.

This being my second book allowed me the freedom to play around with more obscure characters and concepts .

I felt I had set a baseline of accessibility with The Things That Should Not Squee, and so felt more comfortable including characters rarely seen in the Cthulhu fan base, such as Zon Mezzamalech, an ancient wizard depicted in Clark Ashton Smith’s Ubbo Sathla.


My second book – a cute Cthulhu Mythos colouring book; published by Luna Press Publishing.

Published – 14th October 2017.
Colouring Book.